2015 Tyler Technologies Excellence Award

Judge Steeg (accepting the 2015 Tyler Technologies Excellence Award in Dallas as the Project Sponsor.  The project required participation from seven county departments, including the five JP courts, the IT department, and the Tax Office who were all recognized for the success.

When Judge Steeg took office in 2007, she took one look at the “green screens” in her office and declared “My job is to get rid of that!”  For those of you too young to know, what she was looking at was MS-DOS, the Microsoft operating system of the 1980’s.  Although it took persistence, Judge Steeg worked with her colleagues, the Commissioners Court, and the county’s technology department to purchase and implement a state-of-the-art cloud-based system.  Judge Steeg successfully advocated for “software as a service” or “SaaS” which reduced the county’s investment in hardware and personnel to support it.

A major component of the project was the conversion of case information and financial data from the legacy systems.  Judge Steeg’s court piloted conversion and implementation of the software.  After Judge Steeg was satisfied with the software and the conversion, implementation proceeded in the other four Justice Courts.  The project was completed on time and under budget in 2013.

In 2015, Tyler Technologies recognized Travis County for implementing Odyssey in the Justice of the Peace courts became one of Tyler’s largest SaaS (software as a service) clients when it selected the Odyssey case management system to replace five legacy systems with a single, integrated system.  The county has saved approximately 30 hours per week in the collections department, reduced the number of financial transactions by 50 percent, and improved customer service.  The new system supports electronic document technology allowing the Justice Courts to implement